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Irrigation design & consulting service

Welcome to I D C S at ou81b4 partnered with outlookinnovation. Together we have a combined amount of experience in commercial and residential irrigation installation, design ,service an consulting. Sometimes the measure of the depth can seem deceiving. We believe you may want to consult with a professional before going all in.

A Wide Range of Products

At Ou81B4, we offer a wide variety of cosmetics and beauty products, from ethically sourced beauty products to branded gift sets, all at prices to suit your budget. Why not take a look at our extensive range of skincare and hair products? Or check out our stock of makeup items from top quality brands! Whatever color it is you desire, we are sure we’ll have it for you in store - if not we are more than happy to order it for you. If you care for your appearance and love high-quality products, then do come along and pay us a visit.

Consignment Services

If you have items that are no longer of use to you and are not in need of extensive repair of most any kind, such as small house hold appliances,knick knacks, jewelry, electronics and antiques as well as most anything of value we would be more than happy to take a look at them and display them in our consignment store . Once they are sold we will split the profit with you. You would be surprised at the money that can be made this way . We even are interested in looking at used vehicles and RV's . For more info please contact us.


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